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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have been away! So sorry!

Producing is a Puta!  However,  I decided, a long ass time ago- before I was a member of an "upstart" theater company in Los Angeles- that I would put up a play that dealt with 9/11!  I was going to be the gran Chingon to put this baby together.

Well....a lot of booze, some sobriety, more booze, more sobriety, allergies, and headaches later....I'm finally dipping my toe into putting up the right play.  That play is "By The Dawn's Early Light" by my talented friend, Mel Nieves.  

We're starting with a reading.  It's going to be great to be back on stage.  Mainly, I'm excited to present the opportunity for people to give to a 9/11 relief charity.  Working on the details now, but I promise to give more up to date information...at least every other day.

Thank you for checking in with me!  El Comandante is out!

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