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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doin' It and Doin' It!

"WHERE THE FLIPPITY FLAP have you been?" You're probably asking.  Probably not, but I'd like to think that you missed me.  As the title says, I'm Doin' It!  It takes a lot of time, energy, stamina, endurance, exercise, caffeine, and other shit to keep you up so you can Do It!

I can't believe that my last post was in February!  To my two, faithful, followers:  I apologize.  I really missed writing and ranting.  However, I have been productive.  

1. Hosted a reading of play that the company I am partnered in (Working Artists Lab)is producing this fall.  We did a reading of one of the plays.  It's a 9/11 themed one act about....Well, you'll have to come check it out when it's up.  There's a second play ("Midnight Mass") which we will also be showcasing in conjunction with "Los Embrujados: The Haunted Ones".  Both plays were written by my friend, and esteemed playwright/actor/Labyrinth Theater Company member- Mel Nieves.

2. Plugged away at the script for a short film that I have been developing for over a year.  My friend and writing mentor (who shall remain nameless cuz she's famous) loved my adaptation of her short play.  She gave me a few notes, and I finished it this morning at 3 AM. Now it's time to get some money. Anyone want to support?  

3. Putting together a fundraiser, which Veev Acai Berry Spirit, kindly donated some product for us to serve.  Muchas Gracias and Obrigado!  It's going to happen at my friend's gallery (Gallery 9)in May.  The event is to help raise money for Working Artists Lab's production of the plays I mentioned and for a yet to be mentioned cause that Gallery 9 supports.  Check out their massive efforts to build a Peace Center in Sierra Leone. This is just one of many wonderful things that Lisa Schultz (founder) and Heidi Huber-Kalin (Right Hand Wonder Woman) are doing!  If you want information on the event, message me on this blog with your email or send it to angel@workingartistslab.com.

4. Started auditioning again!  Thank the Heavens!  I was starting to think that I was 86d from this town, much like I have been from a few bars....that was a while back though.  In the meantime, I was inspired by Greenlight Coach Jessica Sitomer's "Get It Done" call to arms and started a video blog. It's a character that I'm developing for a future web series.  The feedback I'm getting is great.  I even got removed from a Facebook page, because some of the viewers of that page may find it offensive.  No hard feelings though.  The gal who runs the page is a classy pro.  She's doing her thing.  I'm doing mine.  If I ruffle some feathers, well then I'm doing something right.  At least I think so.  Check out the videos:

If you want to see what other things Rahman has to say, subscribe to the channel.  A new video will be up every week.

As you can clearly see; I'm Doin' It!  Gettin' It Done!  Gotta take charge of my career.  If  you were thinking that "Doin' It" was in reference to something else....well then great minds think alike!  Cuz LL Cool J does the same thing.  At least that's what he says in his song.  Peace out!