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Sunday, February 26, 2012

El Oscar and other things....

It's good to be back on the blogging horse.  I wish that I could be an awesome blogger/actor/writer/producer/badass boyfriend....

But I have to sacrifice a few of those.  I won't say which.  I will say that producing is a MOFO!  When it's all said and done, it's just done.  It's like a fling or brand  new relationship.  Hot, heavy, crazy emotions, and then "Bye Bye".

Because today is such a crazy day for important Hollywood, types, Ahem!  I have to make this short so I can get my makeup, wardrobe, and pick out the right wig.

I'll just say that "The Artist" was a cute film.  Sure, the acting was good.  But, how is it that people get wowed by an art form that was done 80 years ago?  Does this mean that we are ready to start watching hand drawn Popeye cartoons again, as opposed to computer animated stuff?  Actually....that would be pretty chingon!

You all know my pick by now.  I think the message was clear, and here is a link as to why I feel this was the most powerful performance/film of the season.

I love a longshot!  Go Demian!  Thank you Chris for making such a wonderful film!  Salud!

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