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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Horale! Demian Bichir and Berenice Bejo receive Oscar Nominations! There is hope.

El Comandante is so happy!  Any Latino artist should be proud.  Two Latinos have been nominated in major acting categories for Los Oscars.  I hoped and prayed that this would happen.  I wasn't as active about promoting Berenice's performance, because (my bad) I though she was French.  It wasn't until recently, when I watched my screener of "The Artist" that I discovered she born in Argentina!  Home of the father of Latino Revolutionaries:  Ernesto "Che" Guevara!  Congratulations Berenice!  Besos!

As for Demian: You did it compa!  The Academy voters watched a movie about an undocumented, Mexican,  gardener, and decided that you deserve a shot to win the ultimate award in Hollywood.  Who would have guessed that a film like "A Better Life", under the wonderful direction of Chris Weitz, had a shot at receiving the recognition that it deserves?  It was released in the middle of the summer, well before Academy caliber films are released.  I believe the passion and hard work of many Latino actors, artists, and pro-Latino organizations contributed to the film receiving the recognition that it did, so late in the game.  We utilized the power of social media to get the word out and to encourage everyone to support "A Better Life".  

Perhaps the Academy voters realized that Carlos Galindo's story is also the story of their gardeners, housekeepers, and nannies.  I hope that "A Better Life" will continue to change hearts and that the message will encourage lawmakers to reform immigration laws, so that innocent people who want to make an honest living can stay in America and not be treated as murderers, rapists, human and drug traffickers. 

Of course an Oscar win for Demian would be monumental.  Hollywood may start greenlighting more projects that feature great roles for Latino actors.  Leading roles, even!  Simon ese! However, and I know Chris Weitz would agree, the ability of the film's message to change hearts is what is most important.  Right on homie!

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  1. Such a terrific film... Very happy for Demian (plus he was so humble and awesome at the SAG screening!!) Yet to see the Artist...

  2. You were also at the screening! That's where I spoke to both Demian and Chris. Very nice guys. I love that the Academy recognized him. It was a stellar performance. You were also there for that woman's testimony about working for Homeland Security. Quite a touching story! Thanks for the shout J! Keep the conversation going!

  3. I think Berenice Bejo is very ugly woman without makeup! You can see her bare face Bérénice Bejo without makeup post.

  4. Hey Anonymous! What does that have to do with the significance of two Latino actors being nominated in major acting categories for the Oscars, in the same year? So you think she's ugly. BFD! Keep it relevant ese!