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Sunday, February 26, 2012

El Oscar and other things....

It's good to be back on the blogging horse.  I wish that I could be an awesome blogger/actor/writer/producer/badass boyfriend....

But I have to sacrifice a few of those.  I won't say which.  I will say that producing is a MOFO!  When it's all said and done, it's just done.  It's like a fling or brand  new relationship.  Hot, heavy, crazy emotions, and then "Bye Bye".

Because today is such a crazy day for important Hollywood, types, Ahem!  I have to make this short so I can get my makeup, wardrobe, and pick out the right wig.

I'll just say that "The Artist" was a cute film.  Sure, the acting was good.  But, how is it that people get wowed by an art form that was done 80 years ago?  Does this mean that we are ready to start watching hand drawn Popeye cartoons again, as opposed to computer animated stuff?  Actually....that would be pretty chingon!

You all know my pick by now.  I think the message was clear, and here is a link as to why I feel this was the most powerful performance/film of the season.

I love a longshot!  Go Demian!  Thank you Chris for making such a wonderful film!  Salud!

Cause I'm Proud to Be An American Is the Worst Pinche Song Ever...next to Macarena!

Here it is....What is America!?  Send your thoughts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keeping The Ball Rolling

I've been working on an adapting a wonderful, short play (that deals with a very poignant topic) into a short film, for well over a year.  It's a wonderful piece that my very talented friend and I couldn't pass up to produce for ourselves.  It's an opportunity to create our own work, as you have to do in this very competitive industry.  How hard can adapting a five page play into a short film be?  Should take about five minutes.  Right?  Sheeeiiiiiittttt!

There's a little thing called RESISTANCE that gets in the way.  It tells you to take your time.  It tells you that adapting a five page play into a film where the two characters have to experience a full arc, without talking to much on screen, and giving the audience an understanding into their history, and that their choices have to be justified (all in a screenplay under 10 pages so that you can create a proper budget), while trying to meet a deadline of creating a complete film in time for next year's festival cirucuit.....should only take an hour.  So, chill out.  Do it later.  Have a glass of wine, or six.  F'n little BITCH this RESISTANCE is.  Damn!  I sounded like Gollum there.

Resistance is one aspect.  There's also the millions of ideas that keep popping up in my head.  I must have at least three to four projects that I am currently developing.  Am I crazy?  Am I transferring one addiction to another?  I know that I can only get one thing done at a time.  Right now, my priorities are the short film and a 9/11 play that a talented playwright, friend wrote.  Let's not forget that there are things like relationships, work, pets, and...Did  I mention work?  Thirty five hours a week baby!  I gotta have health insurance and pay the bills.

So, when all is said and done; the film is complete, the play has ended its run, and I'm still hustling to get more Film and T.V. credits, what happens?  Do I just keep spewing out ideas and try to make them happen?  The Documentary?  The next play to get Working Artists Lab Actors working? The countless web projects I have in my mind?  Some ideas may fall by the wayside.  Naturally, inspiration for another will overtake the development of another project.  I really wish I could just create for a living.  I know the hustle won't stop, but at least I know that I'm helping create something that will make my friends, collaborators, and myself relevant. Got just keep it going!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have been away! So sorry!

Producing is a Puta!  However,  I decided, a long ass time ago- before I was a member of an "upstart" theater company in Los Angeles- that I would put up a play that dealt with 9/11!  I was going to be the gran Chingon to put this baby together.

Well....a lot of booze, some sobriety, more booze, more sobriety, allergies, and headaches later....I'm finally dipping my toe into putting up the right play.  That play is "By The Dawn's Early Light" by my talented friend, Mel Nieves.  

We're starting with a reading.  It's going to be great to be back on stage.  Mainly, I'm excited to present the opportunity for people to give to a 9/11 relief charity.  Working on the details now, but I promise to give more up to date information...at least every other day.

Thank you for checking in with me!  El Comandante is out!