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Thursday, November 17, 2011

El Comandante's List of Pros, Troopers, Gamers- Actors that Inspire Us to Keep Going!

We are all thankful for many, many, things- A "plethora" of things, as the "Infamous El Guapo" would say.  Yes!  Another "Three Amigos" reference.  Okay?  Atencion!  Por favor.

I started this list reflecting on those "types" of actors that give the true artists a bad name.   So far we have:

Numero Uno:  Anything You can do, overcompensating by bragging about all my credits, and who I studied with, and the parts I almost got, Guy.


Numero Dos: "I'm too cool to do actual work, but I still want to be the lead" Guy/Gal.


The list will continue.  Trust me!  However, this being a Holiday that was mythologically started by some undocumented gringos, who supposedly made peace with the natives by breaking bread with them, sharing their eating customs and offering a big, stupid, horn thing filled with apples, squash, corn, and other crap, accompanied by a smiling turkey that didn't know it's fate.  Hey man! The turkey, like the natives, thought he was going to be part of the new gang homies!  I still remember those cut out figures that the teachers would put up in class during this time of year.  Stupid.

You have my permission to copy and paste the above rant on all the Republican Candidates' Facebook and Twitter pages.  I don't beg, ever, except for forgiveness when I use to come home way too late in a drunken stupor.  But, I'm begging you to remind these candidates, because they like to bring up "Illegal Immigration" at their debates.  Their ancestors were f'n illegal for Che's sake!


There are many actors that inspire me.  It's not only their talent.  It's their work ethic, their drive, their desire to always improve their skills, take risks, share valuable information with other actors, help another actor out by referring a fellow actor to an agent or manager.  An actor like this is a TRUE GAMER. A PRO.  They deserve the title of WORKING ACTOR.    I know who you are all thinking of.  Thank you.  I appreciate it, but I'm not in the business of self promotion.  



The best way to illustrate the qualities of such an actress is through a little anecdote.

Once upon a time, in the land of Nueva York (New York), there lived a very talented, young, rising star, latino actor .  He worked hard at his craft: class once a week, scene work twice a week, stood in lines in the snow for auditions to non-paying gigs, etc. All this work was an addition to the many shifts he worked at his pinche restaurant job.

This young actor really started to shine while taking classes at a remote acting studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, two train stops south of Harlem.  I gotta throw in a little street cred for this guy.

In this class, many of the actors were allowed to take risks: discovering emotions that they are afraid to tap into, doing exercises that may seem unconventional, that allow the actor be free and find the truth of the scene.  It was a safe haven for actors.  Scary, but safe.

One day, because of his busy schedule, he could not attend his regularly scheduled class. He decided to make up the session in one of the other classes that his instructor taught.

Some of the students he recognized, because it was not uncommon for the actors to make up classes on other days or nights.

On this particular day, the young actor we are speaking of, was paired up with a beautiful, raven haired, doe eyed, actress.  She was about the same age as he, maybe younger.  There was something about her that made our hero sense that she was relatively new to the game.  

They began the usual "connecting with the other actor" exercise. What I'm feeling?  What's she's feeling?  What I'm getting?  What she's getting?  They would then began to communicate their emotions on a moment to moment basis, using their respective monologues.  It was a way to help the other actor listen and respond to what they were getting.  Totally organic!  Whole Foods would be so proud.

So, the moment to moment went on, and some sparks started to fly between the two.  At one point, the actress took off her shirt for the young actor.  Mind you, the teacher, and other students were witnessing this "moment".  She had on her sports bra, so there was no cause for alarm.  This teacher had some boundaries.  "Don't grab or hit anyone in the face."  That's pretty much it.

So this "moment" is continuing, and the connection is getting stronger.  The lovely, young, lady decides to grab the actor's hands and place them on her breasts.  She then begins to lie down on the floor, pulling him down with her.  "Oh MY GOD!  I LOVE THIS CLASS!", thought the actor.

The "moment" evolved into some kissing.  But of course, it was all about the reality of the moment.  This was an acting class, not bootycall.com!  Some would argue otherwise.  

Once the exercise was over, the teacher commended the young actress on her risk taking and for being so trusting, yet being "new at the game".  A-ha!  She was indeed new to acting.

The teacher then turned to the actor and thanked him for his generosity, and for not "protecting her because she was new yet not pushing her farther than she was willing to go", a common mistake with less talented and less considerate thespians.  

Once the class was over, she sort of disappeared into the Manhattan streets, like the "Little Mermaid" (not the Disney version) into the sea. Sniff. Sniff.   

Most actresses in Hollywood are so absorbed with how they will look, that they often hold back from going to those scary places.  They don't want to make an ugly, angry face, or they don't want to mess up their hair, or they're too sore from pilates, yoga, cleanse diet, etc.  JUST GO THERE GIRL!  Be the committed actress of the story.  Wrap yourself in the moment!  DO IT!  Be a TRUE GAMER!

I'm thankful for every actress that is like the one in the story.   I raise my glass to you.  You are Numero Uno on my Awesome List.

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