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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keeping The Ball Rolling

I've been working on an adapting a wonderful, short play (that deals with a very poignant topic) into a short film, for well over a year.  It's a wonderful piece that my very talented friend and I couldn't pass up to produce for ourselves.  It's an opportunity to create our own work, as you have to do in this very competitive industry.  How hard can adapting a five page play into a short film be?  Should take about five minutes.  Right?  Sheeeiiiiiittttt!

There's a little thing called RESISTANCE that gets in the way.  It tells you to take your time.  It tells you that adapting a five page play into a film where the two characters have to experience a full arc, without talking to much on screen, and giving the audience an understanding into their history, and that their choices have to be justified (all in a screenplay under 10 pages so that you can create a proper budget), while trying to meet a deadline of creating a complete film in time for next year's festival cirucuit.....should only take an hour.  So, chill out.  Do it later.  Have a glass of wine, or six.  F'n little BITCH this RESISTANCE is.  Damn!  I sounded like Gollum there.

Resistance is one aspect.  There's also the millions of ideas that keep popping up in my head.  I must have at least three to four projects that I am currently developing.  Am I crazy?  Am I transferring one addiction to another?  I know that I can only get one thing done at a time.  Right now, my priorities are the short film and a 9/11 play that a talented playwright, friend wrote.  Let's not forget that there are things like relationships, work, pets, and...Did  I mention work?  Thirty five hours a week baby!  I gotta have health insurance and pay the bills.

So, when all is said and done; the film is complete, the play has ended its run, and I'm still hustling to get more Film and T.V. credits, what happens?  Do I just keep spewing out ideas and try to make them happen?  The Documentary?  The next play to get Working Artists Lab Actors working? The countless web projects I have in my mind?  Some ideas may fall by the wayside.  Naturally, inspiration for another will overtake the development of another project.  I really wish I could just create for a living.  I know the hustle won't stop, but at least I know that I'm helping create something that will make my friends, collaborators, and myself relevant. Got just keep it going!

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