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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movies, Memories, and Magico

El Comandante has a soft spot in his heart.  Movies, popcorn, and candy fill a large part of that spot.  What's amazing is how movies can trigger specific memories, emotions, and senses.  

I can recall the sight and smell of the old theater on Alvarado (now an indoor swap meet)where I saw "Star Wars" for the first time.  I remember the color of the living room carpet and the pizza my family ordered when I first saw the "Muppet Movie" on this new service, ON TV- the precursor to cable.  I'll never forget seeing the first "Superman" at the Chinese Theater.  Every time Superman would display a feat of strength, my Dad would lean over to me and say "If you drink your milk, you will get that strong." I hated milk as a kid and can't stand the stuff to this day.  Got Nothing!  Give me Tequila!

Sadly, I will never forget how heartbroken I was when my Dad came to pick me up at school to take me to see the new movie with Han Solo, as I referred to him, "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  I was in first grade.  My parents had just divorced. I didn't know what custody was, or why I couldn't go with my dad.  He was my pops!  My mom tried to explain it to me.  Something about him taking me from her.  It just didn't make sense.  I was taken home by the babysitter.  No Han Solo movie that day.

Happy or sad,  each movie is a reminder of a special place and time in my life.  Those moments made me who I am, fueling me with the emotions that I would later put into my work.  Who knew that a moving picture in a dark room would captivate me so much that I would devote my life to pursuing the opportunities to take people on their own journey and be a part of making their own special memories?  That's worth more than any statue or star on the sidewalk to me.  No lie.


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