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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Muses are yelling at me!

Wow!  I have been AWOL for too long.  Why is it that we are conditioned to look back and reflect on our lives around Creemas (Christmas)?  I have been contemplating, forever, bringing back my blog.  What kept me away for so long?  You may be asking? I have this little problem where I have a great vision.  I want to implement that vision, and I hit the ground running; without implementing a proper strategy.  One idea gets fulfilled.  I start to work on it, not knowing the level of commitment involved, life happens, and then that idea goes by the wayside.  I hate when I do this, but apparently it's a very typical characteristic of my Astrological sign.  So, in the time that I have been away from relaying news to you as EL COMANDANTE (think of me saying that like the Wizard in "El Mago De Oz", Wizard of Oz for my Gringo followers), I produced a play with a dear friend.  It was a collection of one acts that spoke to my heart, dealing with the September 11th attacks.  Around the same time, that we were in rehearsals for the play, my girlfriend of 12 years (at the time, will touch on this later) was involved in a bad car accident that put her on bed rest for a month.  My Uncle, who was more of a big brother to me (being an only child), was killed, and my life went into a big spiraling Caca storm since.  So, I am now single, a bit lost, hopeful, but hurt.  This is my outlet: Ramblings of an artist who wants to keep it real for anyone out there that feels the same.  Peace my Brothers and Sisters!

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