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Friday, November 11, 2011

"A Plethora?"

Do you remember the famous 'Plethora' scene in "The Three Amigos"?  The Infamous El Guapo is having a male menopause moment.  Apparently we get this.  Hell, it's called menopause after all.  Anywayzzzzz....

The ever so loyal Jefe (Espanol for boss) tries to lift his boss' spirits by telling him about all the "presents and pinatas, each filled with tiny little gifts."  This prompts El Guapo, in all is bitchiness, who may have been intimidated by the giant phallic cactus overshadowing him (see link to video), to lift himself up by asking Jefe the meaning of the word "Plethora".  A question, which El Guapo knows Jefe cannot correctly answer.

What is a Plethora?  Do you know what a Plethora is?  I would not like someone to tell me that I have a PLETHORA, when one does not know what a PLETHORA is.

Okay....Is anyone currently occupying a street?  Didn't think so?  If you are, and you are reading this, then you probably have the best wi-fi phone plan with unlimited minutes, blah, blah, blah.  You, mi amigo/amiga benefit from Capitalism.  Buy a churro or bacon wrapped dog from the lady standing in front of you.

You both benefit from Capitalism.  How bad is it?  

What is really going on with all this occupying?  Like Jefe,  most people are not fully informed.  I have to say that most of my information is coming from news sources that are owned by corporate entities.  The other source is my friends' Facebook pages who document their involvement in the occupation or who just like to rant from their little soapbox.

The idea of peaceful protest and using technology to get the message out about any injustice is right on.  Sometimes this can lead to violence, i.e the revolutions in the Middle East.  It's unfortunate and inevitable, but when corrupt regimes are toppled, sacrifices are often made.  RIP for those who died doing the right thing.

El Comandante is not here to tell you that he's right and you are wrong.  I feel that many people take this "superior intellect" attitude towards others.

"I occupied L.A., New York, Kansas, Boston, and the Glendale Galleria.  I moved my money from the evil, Darth Vader bank, to a boutique, credit union that offers a wine and cheese tasting every Tuesday.  What did you do to stand up to the man?"  

Actually, I don't know of a Credit Union that offers a wine and cheese tasting, but the people that go to such events in places like Silver Lake, are certainly the ones looking down at me from their organically grown, sustainable, 500% recycled cardboard, wearing their pajamas, which is actually what they wear to go out for Taco Tuesday.

Don't get me wrong: the protesting or switching your money over to a Credit Union is awesome.  You as an individual felt slighted and did something about it.  That is what really counts.

I'm not on the side of the banks at all.  In fact, I have money in the AFTRA/SAG Credit Union as well as a bank.  Because I have a join a account with my Ruca (lady, gal pal, wifey)we are not getting hit with stupid fees.

However, my credit union charges me $15 if I use my check card over a certain amount. Serio!  

I get it.  They have to stay in business.  The CU is not charging me crazy interest like the banks are.

There was a time when Los Bancos (the banks) served a really nice purpose.  Service was personal and people really wanted to help you out.  I remember when I was a squinkle ("rascal"-pronounced squink-leh), my parents would take me with them to the Home Savings Branch in downtown L.A.  There was this older lady who helped them out with all of their banking needs, and she use to give me "many little presents".  Simpler times.....sniffle, sniffle....


When shit got ugly was with the credit revolution.  The banks knew they could make un chingon de money by giving everyone credit cards to rack up debt (which they knew people would take forever to pay), so that they can charge interests and sit atop the pile of money going "muahahahahahahaha".  Thank you Ronald Reagan >:-( 

For many of us, having our money in banks is convenient.  I like the on-line, bill paying system that my bank offers, as opposed to the one my CU offers.  It's way easier.  Banks can afford such luxuries, while CUs can't.  "Well move all your money into the Credit Union so that they can afford to upgrade their bill paying services" you might be saying.  Calmate!  I have a different approach to protesting the banks which I will explain in a minute.

I'm willing to bet a lot of the Banks' money that those who have occupied, switched their money over to the CUs, and driving around in their Prius' looking down at the rest us, have a shitload of credit card debt and/or student loan debt.  Hmmmm?

Here is where El Comandante offers some wisdom that he, himself, must also abide by.  However, it takes an effort, and only by following this wisdom will the banks and other financial institutions be really crippled.


If you really want to kick the banking institutions in the shins: don't get a loan. Whether from the Credit Union or Bank:  You are still in debt. Believe me, Credit Unions are sending out stuff to people I know about taking out loans to "take a trip or get that new car".  Yup.  They want to make money too.  Can't knock the hustle, you just gotta say no.

In conclusion...Wow!  That took me back to Honor's English in 10th grade....

In Conclusion,  

Choose to exercise your superior intellect and put some cash away, in your pocket.  You'll feel good about it.

More importantly, do what's right for you. 

If you don't spend on credit, they don't get interest.  Simple as that.

So...how are you planning to stay on top of the game this Holiday Season?  

El Comandante is always willing to fight for what's right.  Serio!

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