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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back Pendejos!!!!!

Why the long break?  Like you all missed me!  No one even knows who the hell I am?  I talk shit about acting, dickwads that want to be actors, and occasionally, write about some credible, talented people.  

In a nutshell, I've had a lot of stuff happen, both bad and good, that kept me locked in fear from sharing anything with you!  I decided, on this early April 11th, to start anew.  Evolve. Cambiar.....de Sexo! Ay!  That's a Spanish joke.  Won't work in Ingles!  Trust me.  

As you can see, I changed the name of the Blog from "El Comandante" to "El Comandante de La Brea & Melrose".  Why?  If you care to ask?  

Just talking about acting shit only reaches those of us that are pursing a career in Hollywood. Meh!

I love my neighborhood, and Lord knows how many drinks I've slammed down at the establishments between La Brea and Fairfax- on Melrose.  That's not including the places in Larchmont Village, and all the new spots opening in the area.

I'm not a restaurant critic, but I want to offer some insight on where a fellow neighbor, from whatever field of work, can easily kick his or her boots up, order a Sarsaparilla, and enjoy the night without all that Hollywood Bullshit!  

I am evolving.  Into what?  Who the hell knows?  A stupid ass fool posted this on FB, but it makes sense, cuz we all striving to connect with one another on some level. 

" I flip out to easily!  I'm not perfect, but I expect people to approach life with respect and common sense.  I'm guilty of disconnecting, falling victim to playing with my phone when I'm alone at a bar, coffee, shop, restaurant, etc.  However, I love the nights when you just want to be left alone, yet you end up having a great conversation with a fellow artist.  That makes the other shit I deal with on a regular basis all worth it.  Conversation!  Good night my friends!"- Wise Latino Actor ;)

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